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Shadows on the Wall

Percell Rivere St Thomass

Mental, Emotional, Physical, Spiritual Wellness

Life & Wellness Coach

Motivational Speaker

Empowerment Teacher

Published Author


Are you dealing with anger, sadness, lack of communication and feeling 'less than' in your relationships and life?

I can help you to take back control of your life by seeing, thinking, understanding, trusting, and believing differently, and discovering the secrets to finding the life that you truly desire.

Radio, Television, Seminars, Workshops, Podcasts  -  including

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"Life can be hard; Living it does not have to be"SM

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Transformational Message


Helping persons  with anger, sadness, communication in relationships, or who are lost in life

to get rid of the pain, find a better way, and live the lives of their desires.


"Life Can Be Hard ; Living It Does Not Have To Be."

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Coming Fall 2023

Shadows on the Wall

I am Percell Rivere

From Paris to New York to Maui to the MS Gulf Coast, life has been a virtual cornucopia. A seemingly inherent blessing to see, know, and understand things past what meets the eye, along with well-earned degrees and a temporal rebelliousness to match, have been the harvests which have filled that horn.  I have and, in fact am, proof that sometimes in life there will be things which are undeniable yet defy all understanding. To this, it is my driven desire to help guide those, who think that life has become outside of their control, back to a place where they can; think past what they have learned, trust beyond what they understand, and believe in something greater, and  "Live Their Grandest Desires".

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