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"Pain to Passion to Purpose in 90 Days"

Everything from toys to modular houses come with

instructions. We think nothing of reading the instructions

before doing most everything because we want to do it


Yet, when it comes to life, we insistently and unapologetically

try to "wing it". This does not make sense. Life does come

with instructions.

Living a Better Life... Immediately


St Thomass Maui
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Living Your Divine LifeTM - from "Pain to Passion to Purpose in 90 Days"SM

  • A tried, proven, and continuously updated program since 1996;

  • Private and group coaching, exercises, follow-ups, daily videos, and community support  

  • Online and direct access to me puts you back in complete control of your life

  • Prepare for your new life of Desire to Passion to Purpose.

Divided into 3 30 - Day segments*, the program will guide you to a better life. Phase I deals with thinking, acting, and the day to day processes of life. Phase II covers the differences between emotions and feelings and how to control them personally and with others. Phase III brings everything together in a wholistic way leading you to an overall mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual wellness.

From everyday life to relationships to business (as clerk or CEO), your best best life begins with being the best you that you can be. Coaching helps!

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