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"Mastering the Super-Conscious"
The ego, our daily thought factory, is fairly easy to understand. after all, it is there where we spend most of our time. The Sub-C, our 'auto-pilot', is a little more difficult to comprehend because it operates seemingly on its own. Many misunderstand this as it is both first, before the ego, and second, after having received Ego's input.  Purchase Download NOW at 50% OFF - $5.97

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"The Game of Life & How to Play It"
The title might sound familiar. It is the title of a famous writing by another profound thought leader who was ahead of her time, Florence Scovel Shinn. Yet, this book is different. This book reveals the secret to 'Living a Happy Life'. This book begins where another good book, "The Secret" ends. It explains the '3 Natural Prime Laws of Life'.
Purchase Download NOW at  50% OFF - $5.97

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Have the complete 3 book set to reread at your leisure whenever you need a boost or refresher.

Purchase Download NOW at  50% OFF - $11.95

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