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Happy Clientele

“Happiness is the new rich. Inner peace is the new success

Syed Balkhi


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“Percell is a one-of-a-kind, and authentically great human being. He is able to direct and motivate others while still being sensitive to their needs and concerns. He demonstrates and extensive base of both knowledge and expertise.

I highly recommend him. Trust him to best connect and take your team and thoughts so much higher!”

Scott H, Quad Cities

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If you have the privilege of working with Percell, I highly recommend you jump on the opportunity. He is a magnificent motivational speaker and freely shares his wisdom. He is a personal coach, teacher, workshop and seminar leader, author and Ho`oponopono expert.


Looking for inspiration or ready to live your grandest desire, you will do well to connect with Percell.

Barbara W, CA

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Percell answered all of my questions in such a way as to take the complex and break it down into digestible, understandable bits.

He has a heart to help. He's a natural teacher. He's a giver. I highly recommend him both for one-on-one scenarios, as well as team / group sessions.

Margie V, NC

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