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Retreat Attendees

"When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be".

                                                                                                                    Lao Tzu

the meps empowerment 

Life is meant to be lived !


Percell specializes in spiritual wellness, a non-religious holistic approach to living life in the ways that it was intended. 'MEPS' is Mental, Emotional, Physical, Spiritual. One must be aware of, in tuned to, and empowered by each state separately yet holistically in order to be happy and live the life of their grandest desires. Life is a game. It is not to be worked; it is to be played.


Our week - 12 Day stays and cruises are directed toward places of natural beauty and serenity. We call our times vacations because they are separations from the usual patterns of life, and movements toward a new you and a greater good. The working tools; Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Positive Listening and Problem Solving, Cognitive Behavioral Study, Hawai`ian Ho`oponopono (spiritual study of self-cleansing, renewing, forgiving, and gratitude), and, Motivational Coaching, go side-by-side with warm climates, ocean air, fragrant flowers, scenic beauty, and all that nature offers in order to help you to re-member who and what you are, what your purpose and passion are, what life is, and how to live it.

Land - Sea Vaca
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