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Hey, take a moment, and ask yourself.....


Why do I feel stuck, lost, and resentful because the persons whom are supposed to love me the most understand me the least?

Do I lack the confidence to put myself out there because I am afraid of rejection after being hurt or shot down so many times in the past?

Am I paralyzed by fear that I'm going to end up in another dead-end relationship or alone?

Why am I often in the company of emotionally unavailable, inconsistent, negative, or harmful relationships or situations that do not make me happy?

Are people always judging me when it comes to my feelings, and now I am afraid of ending up in disagreements, arguments, and sadness?

Am I just always misunderstood, or do people not value my opinions or positions?

Do I know that I am wrong sometimes, but don't know how to fix it without conflict?

Do I allow past negativities to affect my personal and professional relationships?

If you can relate to either of these, do not panic.....


St Thomass Maui
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